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physical therapy Jacksonville, FLPhysical therapy is a common component of rehabilitation. When you have suffered an injury, strain, are recovering from surgery, or have had reduced functioning or activity for any reason, it can take time for your muscles, joints, and tendons to rebuild strength and refresh muscle memory. At North Florida Medical Center, we utilize cutting-edge physical therapy techniques and equipment to ensure you are getting effective treatment, customized to your unique needs and condition.

With a full staff of licensed physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, chiropractic doctors, family care providers, and pain management specialists, our office handles every aspect of your care, from the initial diagnosis to complete recovery, all under one roof.

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The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Our physicians and physical therapists are focused on reducing pain, improving function, and increasing your range of motion and mobility. We provide comprehensive, customized physical therapy care plans using a combination of elements which may include:

  • Nerve Stimulation with TENS units
  • Heat/Ice Therapy
  • Ultrasound
  • Iontophoresis
  • Stretching
  • Strengthening
  • Low-Impact Aerobic Conditioning

physical therapy

There are many reasons and conditions that cause patients seek out our physical therapy services, including pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation, those with orthopedic injuries, accident victims, and individuals struggling with back pain, neck pain, arm pain, hip or leg pain, or arthritis. Your reason for visit, current physical condition, and desired results will all play a factor when determining the appropriate care and recovery plan for you. Physical therapy may also be an aspect of a larger pain management treatment plan, which may also involve massage therapy and/or chiropractic adjustments.

When someone is experiencing pain, it is common for them to favor that area, putting additional strain and sometimes overusing other weaker muscles and joints which are not used to carrying a heavier workload. For this reason, we incorporate techniques intended to both build your tolerance and strengthen support muscles to reduce your chance of further or related injury.

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